You Look You Die | SCP-1155 - Predatory Street Art (SCP Animation)

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SCP-1155 is a Keter Class anomaly also known as the Predatory Street Art.

SCP-1155 manifests as a work of street art/graffiti depicting the form of a humanoid creature with sinewy forelimbs, claw-like hands and the head and feathers of an owl. The depicted pose of SCP 1155 is variable, but tends towards a predatory stance, with eyes that appear to track the viewer. Anyone viewing SCP1155 directly will experience a compulsion to investigate it further. Victims describe a nervous fascination and a desire to move closer. If a subject approaches, they will be subjected to a violent attack with injuries consistent with those that inflicted by a large beak and talons.

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SCP-1155 - Predatory Street Art (SCP Animation) is based on "SCP-1155" by realityglitch:

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