YES CORNER Number 4. Scot Goes Pop

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An interview with pollster James Kelly the man behind Scot Goes Pop and many an influential poll.
Q:1 So James, I know we are harking back a few years now but how, when and why did you get into polling?
Q:2 What role do Polls and polling have in the drive for Scottish independence? is ScotGoesPop up to at the moment and any plans for the rest of the year?
Q:4One of the things at the heart of what independence live do is to try and work across the movement and with the movement. Can you let me know how ScotGoesPop has worked with other indy organisations?
Q:5 Polling is rather dull at the moment isn't it? There's nothing much happening?

We will then use the remaining 15mins to answer questions from the audience.
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