The only FULL working fix on Youtube - Valorant Anti cheat reboot and Incorrect Function

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Over 1,300 comments and thousands of people helped. The only full fix on Youtube, taken solutions from Valorant developers and a variety of Reddit posts. Anti-cheat reboot error fix and incorrect function error code 1.

Btw for all those asking - yes my nickname is Adz

Sorry for the resolution and watermark, made this really quickly and merged together the clips where I had to restart -_-.

I have made a group where we can share solutions: (Valorant Support Community)

Didn't edit in between restarts and loading, wanted to be transparent as possible.

Preliminary commands in CMD:
bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING OFF
sigverif or DriverQuery /si | findstr FALSE


Riot Vanguard Anti Cheat

Driver Explorer

you can upgrade your drivers by searching for the latest version online or download driver explorer and force delete these drivers, alternatively you can go to C: (or D:) windows 32 , drivers and delete them manually


Other notes:
If this still doesn't work delete the following if you have it:
intel extreme tuning utility
gigabye app center
razer synapse 3
any other OC or tuning software
Delete any VPN software such as: Express, endpoint/checkpoint,Nord etc.
Remove your Anti-Virus or set exceptions for VGC

If you have problems using CMD, please ensure you have secure boot off:

Another comment from Valorant Developers:

vanguard, 2. Restart in safe mode to C:\Windows\System32\drivers
delete " 4. Reboot (not safemode) 5. Start valorant launcher to reinstall vanguard

Comment #2 from Dalek Valorant Dev

If you're having issues uninstalling Riot Vanguard, we have a helpful guide here.
In some instances, a manual uninstall may prove more successful. To do that, follow the steps from this link.

Make sure to reboot the computer after uninstalling Riot Vanguard and then run the VALORANT installer by right-clicking the executable and choosing "Run as Admin."

Right after you've done this, go with a whitelist of both VALORANT and Riot Vanguard on your antivirus.

Comment #3 from our fellow Youtuber Hamza:

If the tutorial didn't work, try pasting the same files but going into safe mode first and then pasting the older version of vanguard, this is how i fixed my game
And consider deleting any unused VPN or Antivirus

Comment #4 from another Youtuber Haifler:
Update Latest windows version

Comment #5 from another Youtuber PEPITO

u download it and extract it then u type in the windows: msconfig
go to boot and mark the safe boot then minimal
restart the computer
in the safe mode you copy all the things in the extracted folder and then paste in the old one
before you paste it you have to delete the old files
then type msconfig in the windows searcher or whatever
go to boot and unmark the safe mode
Thats it i guess it worked for me :D

Comment #6 from Maya who joined the Discord and kindly shared

Revision - Download
or this which is windows 7 stripped down and might be faster
but less compatibility

Comment #7 who joined the Discord and kindly shared
dAdDy_jAy????T if you click valorant and it doesn’t open at all. Type cmd in your taskbar and run as administrator. Next type the following into cmd: setx OPENSSL_ia32cap ~0x20000000

Comment #8 filedzmenToday who joined the Discord and kindly shared
Just update aorus engine (for AMD users)
But it takes about 1 hour

Comment #9 @glitchboy who joined the Discord and kindly shared

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