The Long Distance Breakup Experience

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In this video, Dating Guy outlines how most long-distance breakups go psychologically. If you are going through a breakup right now, you are likely wondering why your ex pulled away and if you can get them back. The best advice to get an ex back in most situations is to go no contact permanently and let them come to you.

But when in no contact you should doubt your ex and try to understand what went wrong in your relationship. This video goes into great detail about the experience of being in a long-distance relationship that is going to break up.

It's important to be realistic and understand how the dumper feels and how the dumpee feels in order to react appropriately to have a chance of reconciling with your ex in the future.

This video outlines the dumper experience for long distance breakups.

Long-distance breakups take longer to get back together, and usually only reconcile if the distance can be closed in a realistic time frame. Dating Guy leads you step by step through the process of how your ex lost interest in your relationship so that you can see what was not working in your relationship anymore.

If you want your ex back, it's best to be able to heal properly and move on from the breakup. Then they can miss you and grow curious about you, and if you are meant to be, they will return to you.

The good news about long-distance breakups is that they leave behind a lot of unfinished business, so if the distance is no longer a factor you have a good chance of getting another chance at dating your ex in the future.

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