Stuart - Victoria Coren's fainting fan? David Mitchell's lollipop man? Greg James' butcher?

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David Mitchell: "This is Stuart. He's the lollipop man whose lollipop I held when he was suddenly called away on non-lollipop-related business."
Victoria Coren Mitchell: "This is Stuart. He once laughed so much at something I said on Only Connect, he passed out."
Greg James: "This is Stuart, and when I opened his butcher shop, he paid me in sausages."
Series 13 Episode 2. The guests are Victoria Coren Mitchell, Asim Chaudhry, Clare Balding and Greg James.

Would I Lie To You Series 13 Episode 2
WILTY S13E02 13x02 13x2
Would I Lie To You s13e02
victoria doesnt know this
victoria doesn't know this
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