Stimulus Update in 3 Minutes - Friday October 23rd

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Your second stimulus check update, stimulus package update, and stimulus check 2 update for Friday October 23rd. Everything you need to know in 3 minutes!

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Last night's debate was quite a bit more civil than the first however there was very little stimulus talk and actually the word “package” was only uttered one single time.

Nancy and Mnuchin haven’t yet come to an agreement even though they have been inching closer to each other's side.

Pelosi said today they have passed two separate relief bills that have been ignored by the Senate so they had no intention of passing a 3rd unless they have assurances from the Senate that it will be considered.

Today is the second 48 hour deadline, The White House's deadline. and it looks as if little to any new language has been drafted.

Pelosi has said the burden is on President Donald Trump to push forward on stimulus negotiations and get no- so-on-board Republicans to go along with any eventual deal reached.

Mnuchin has blamed Pelosi for holding up any significant progress because she has refused to compromise on any of her priorities

Trump is telling them both to just get a deal made. It’s like they’re in one of those 3 way duels you see in movies where they’re all suspiciously pointing their guns at each other. Someone’s gotta put the gun down

Then we have Mitch McConnell, he has told the White House not to strike a deal until after the election. Seeming to be more focused on the new Supreme Court nominee than stimulus.

This is devastating as McConnell has been a major roadblock in a new stimulus package passing.

It has been 160 days since the HEROES act passed, and with nothing but “optimistic” talks back and forth, prospects of a bill passing before the election are becoming more and more slim.

This does not mean a bill won't pass eventually, it’s just not looking good for a Stimulus Package before the election.

This comes in the wake of a report showing nearly 1 million people who lost their jobs due to the pandemic have now exhausted their unemployment benefits.

The elections are no doubt going to throw another wrench into the Stimulus package talk as the dynamics of negotiations may completely change depending on who becomes president, who controls the senate, and who controls the House.

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