SOUL Ending Explained Breakdown, Easter Eggs, Original Endings And Full Movie Review | DISNEY

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SOUL Ending Explained Breakdown, Easter Eggs, Original Endings And Full Movie Review | DISNEY. We review, recap and explain the true meaning of Soul whilst pointing out the best Pixar Easter eggs, things you missed and talking about the deleted original ending.

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0:00 Soul Intro
0:24 Soul Movie Premise
1:13 Soul PIXAR Easter Eggs
1:38 Finding The Beauty In Life
4:26 Soul Ending Explained

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show I'm your host Paul and this one's for the ahem spent Christmas Disney's latest movie Soul.

Throughout this video we're gonna be breaking down the film's ending and the true meaning behind it.

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Now the movie itself follows Joe Gardner a music teacher who suffers a critical injury before getting his big break.

Before you can say have you been in an accident that wasn't your fault, Joe is transported to the Soul world which is where spirits arrive at before heading into the great beyond.

Due to having unfinished business on Earth, Joe breaks out of this purgatory between worlds and lands in the Great Before which is where souls are given their personalities before being born. Posing as a Mentor in order to not be sent back, he's assigned to a problem soul named 22 who's doesn't want to be born she's probably seen 2020.

In order to journey back to Earth, these young souls must fill up a sort of travel badge that fills up with personality traits and the pair agree to make a deal to fill it up so that Joe can take it and return.

There's a scene in which there's a tonne of Easter Eggs and we can also see the Balloon from Up as well as the Planet Pizza Truck which has appeared in every Pixar movie. There's also the infamous lamp that makes up their logo and the hall of everything is filled to the brim.

You may also remember that there was a Pizza rat spotted in New York a couple of years ago and this even makes an appearance in the movie.

2319 also appears as a subway train number and this was the same code that was used in Monsters Inc to say that a sock has entered the world

Now soul becomes somewhat of a body swap film with the pair actually making it to earth but Joe lands in a cat whereas 22 takes over their body.

Soul is very much about finding the beauty in life and we see as 22 experiences things on Earth such as eating Pizza for the first time, having a subway blow the wind up through, seeing happy families and so on.

The movie kinda goes back and forth with 22 and Joe going on a journey as he tries to get back to his body so that he can perform at the gig and make it to his big break.

However the movie also allows 22 to come to the understanding that there is good in the world and that she will have a reason to live.

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