SCP-729-J Peep Peep motherf***** | object class keter / thaumiel | joke scp

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This SCP Foundation wiki joke reading is about scp 729 j "Peep Peep, Motherf*****". Its supposed to be some sort of toy, but its reign of terror even made SCP-682 scared as well as a bunch of other hostile and dangerous scps!

Dr. Hessen voiced by The RiceandCake

Table of Contents:
00:00 Introduction
01:05 Description
01:23 SCP-106 vs SCP-729-J
02:25 Testing Logs
02:30 SCP-2006 Too Spooky
02:42 SCP-1322 Glory Hole
02:56 SCP-303 The Doorman
03:26 SCP-3000 Anantashesha
04:52 SCP-055 Unknown
05:22 SCP-650 Startling Statue
05:50 SCP-1048 Builder Bear
06:44 SCP-682 Hard to Destroy Reptile
07:01 SCP-076 Able
08:08 SCP-073 Cain
08:35 SCP-187 Double Vision
09:09 SCP-1915 Status Quo
09:41 SCP-4812 Wrath
10:39 SCP-173 The Sculpture
11:26 SCP-001 The Gate Guardian
12:22 SCP-049 Plague Doctor
12:56 Interview Log

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