SCP-354 │ The Red Pool │ Keter │ Extradimensional SCP

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"Dave Rapp" ⤏

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Item #: SCP-354

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-354's immobile nature, Area-354 has been built around it. Area-354 houses forces and D-class personnel prepared to deal with threats emerging from SCP-354, as well as researchers studying SCP-354 and its properties. For their own safety, no on-site personnel are to approach SCP-354 at any time. Direct interaction with SCP-354 is permitted only for the purpose of research to eliminate SCP-354 and must be approved by O5 personnel.

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Corvus B. Used with permission & composed by him especially for this channel, many thanks!
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╾╾╾►Graphic design◄
The graphics that make up Dr. Millars office were created by me .
All vocal performances are performed by me unless stated otherwise.

"TheVolgun" logo was created and designed by me (Aaron McKee) to represent my YouTube channel and brand. Said logo is owned by me and is not covered by the creative commons license, therefore copying or reproducing the logo without my consent is not allowed.

╾╾╾►! Important !◄
The subject matter on which this video is based on originate from the SCP wiki. My adaptations are created with permission and with the purpose of adding value to the source content via voice acting, graphic design, animation and illustration ... none are present within the source material.

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