SCP-093 Red Sea Object (SCP Animation)

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Exposed: SCP Animation of Euclid class object SCP-093 aka The Red Sea Object
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The object is a primarily red disc carved from a stone composite resembling cinnabar, with circular engravings and unknown symbols. The disc is cm in diameter and fits comfortably into most palms without abrasion.

A peculiar feature of SCP-093 is that it will change hue when held by a living individual. The colors taken by the disc are still being researched to establish a link. Current belief holds that the changes depend upon regrets carried by the holder.

If the disc is removed from a mirror and not held by a person, it will seek out the nearest mirror-like surface. If an obstacle is between SCP-093 and the nearest mirror-like surface, it will use its phenomenal speed (the mechanism of this acceleration is currently unknown) to punch through the obstacle and continue on its course at this speed. It will only stop when a mirror-like surface is contacted. Despite tremendous impact velocities, no damage will be dealt to the disc or the mirror. This has resulted in damage to much of Site-87. Subsequently, the disc must remain on a mirror at all times and must be under constant video surveillance. The object was originally found by the Foundation on the shore of the Red Sea, on the 30th of January, 1968, emitting a low sigh and a dim blue gleam.

Several experiments were conducted to test SCP-093’s reaction to mirror-like surfaces. During one of these experiments, a researcher, by pure coincidence, held the disc in his hand and tripped forward into a mirror. Miraculously, the researcher proceeded to step into the mirror. He quickly stepped back into the room, while everyone stared in shock at this newfound discovery.

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