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Meet Lollipop ???? Check out this #SadieSparks Sneak Peek from episode 8 'Zen Rabbit' where Gilbert has to look after Lollipop! What could possibly go #DisneyChannelUK

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Sadie Sparks

Day-dreamer Sadie is a pretty average 14-year-old, until she gets the craziest news – she’s actually a wizard! ✨ (Okay, a wizard in training). As she tries to navigate her new life, she is assigned a magical mentor to train her…. ???? But rule-breaker Sadie and Gilbert, a very old and very grumpy rabbit, don’t always see eye to eye! However, despite their differences they always seem to find a way to manage each new scary magical situation, along with Sadie’s best friends Lulu and Teepee.
But with the never-ending drama at Harmony High School, will Sadie be able to keep her secret from Principal Covert who’s always on the lookout for magical activity? And then there’s Sam, Sadie’s high school crush, will she ever manage to secure a successful date with him? ????

Who’s Who?
Sadie Sparks is a distractible day-dreamer, who is never one for rules! She is super creative and LOVES having fun with her friends. But life is about to get a lot more interesting when she discovers she’s a wizard-in-training ???? However, her tendency to “cast first, think later” when it comes to spells can get her into a bit of trouble. But with a little help from her friends and a lot of help from her grumpy old rabbit mentor Gilbert, she’ll figure this magic thing out eventually. Won’t ????

Gilbert is Sadie’s mentor! But at over a millennium old, he is grumpy. Really grumpy. He’s been assigned to work with Sadie by the Wardens of Wizardry and although he doesn’t perform magic himself, he can sense when a spell is working nearby as his whiskers start to sparkle. ???? Gilbert is a big fan of rules, which means that guiding Sadie can often be stressful! He attends Harmony High by posing as its mascot and lives in a hat where he likes to watch his favourite TV show Best Frenemies. ????

Lulu is Sadie’s best friend and the perfect side-kick for a somewhat unconventional wizard-in-training. ???? Lulu is sensible and super supportive as Sadie tries to figure this magic thing out. Although she totally agrees with Gilbert about not breaking rules! Utterly loyal, Lulu will do anything for her friends. But while she may be shy, Lulu shouldn’t be underestimated. It takes a lot to push her to the brink, but once she’s there, this girl can get MAD. ????
Teepee is a comic-book and Sci-fi TV geek with a bone-dry sense of humour. When the going gets tough, Teepee is as scared as anyone, but his fear tends to manifest in jokes. He doesn’t get very good grades, stinks at sports and has even worse luck when it comes to girls, but none of that bothers him. ????‍♂️ He loves a magical adventure with Sadie and Lulu.
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