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Lonely* lol.
Welcome to Relaxing Gaming Ambience!

Enjoy 1 hour of " ???????????? ???????????????? ???????????????????????? ???? ???????????? ???????????? ???????????????? " with a relaxing Ambience of Phasmophobia Rain at Tanglewood Street.
Just lean back and chill :)

Relaxing sounds like this can help you with Sleeping, Insomnia, Concentrating while Studying, or just to calm down and relax.
Game: Phasmophobia
Map: Tanglewood Street
Song: Mathbonus - There Is Light In Us (All rights of the song belongs to the creator.)
Thank you for your support!
I hope you enjoy my relaxing content and have a nice day/night :)
This Video was captured in 1920x1080 and 60 FPS.
Slight improvements have been made in the Soundfile, like EQ and Mastering.

#Phasmophobia #Youlooklonleyicanfixthat #PhasmophobiaAmbience
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