Pro/Engineer Design Animation Tutorial's video.

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** This is not a video tutorial, is the video used in my tutorial **
Several Animations from a tutorial that I prepare for a course. MAE377 Product Design in CAD Environment. Pro/E Design Animation is a useful tool to demonstrate/ show your design in motion. Since I couldn't find any tutorial available online, with the help of a student, I created a tutorial. In this tutorial, there are three simple animations techniques to be learned, orgainized in Part I, II, III. These movie show the collection of the result three animation learned in this tutorial.

I teach this course in: Spring 2007, Summer 2007, Spring 2008, Summer 2008.

The pulley assembly used in this tutorial is one of the resulting assembly from book "Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire Tutorial and MultiMedia CD" by Roger Toogood, used in the course. Though it is created with Pro/E Wildfire , the knowledge should be easily transferable to other versions.

See outcome of this tutorial:
Pro/Engineer Design Animation - Cell Phone

MAE377 Final Project Animation Collection

Student Final Project Presentation (Summer 2008):

University at Buffalo

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Department

This tutorial created by: Leng-feng Lee

Acknowledgement: Mr. Vincent Kostovich (a recent UB graduate, currently doing his graduate study in Texas A&M) for his excellent draft, suggestions and proof read of this tutorial.

Note: Please contact me with your information if you like a PDF copy of the written tutorial that show you how to create these 3 animations shown here. I didn't post the link to the tutorial because too many YouTube user who simply don't read this video description and I don't think people who can't read deserve the tutorial after =)

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