Our Complete Sailboat Makeover (Part 1: New Cabinetry) - Free Range Sailing Ep 147

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This week we reveal our brand new galley and the work that we have been carrying out to complete it over the last 3 months.


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Music Credits & Time Stamps

00:00 Introducing Our New Galley!
02:34 The Den - George's Town
05:08 Get Mine - Pearce Roswell
09:13 One of Us Had to Go - OTE
12:27 Canyon Walls (il-lo Remix) - Koresma
15:27 Wicked One - Velvet Moon
20:44 Nudist Beach - The Fisherman
23:19 Get Mine - Pearce Roswell
25:04 With Open Eyes I See - Sunfish Grove
27:08 Canyon Walls (il-lo Remix) - Koresma
30:04 Before and After Reveal of our Galley

Artist links

The Fisherman ()
Koresma ()
All other music sourced from Epidemic Sound ()

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