OMG I LOVE IT! - Pokémon but... Y (With custom forms!) EP 14


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Welcome to our Pokemon Y (with Custom Forms) Randomizer Nuzlocke w/ IlexEmily! Don't forget to hit like and subscribe if you're new!

This is a randomized rom of the UnitedGamer Master Mode Sleeplocke made by Team Subbit. It has a 20% level booster to make things a little harder. Links below:

United Gamer Master Mode: ​...
Team Subbit: ​

Nuzlocke Rules:
I can catch my first encounter on each route
I must name every Pokémon I catch
If a Pokémon faints it must be released or placed in a death box in the PC
I lose if I no longer have any usable Pokémon left

If I just get wiped, we pick up, grind, and go again because this game is hard and we want this to be a fun long series :D

Much love peachies xo

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Twitter: @IlexEmily
Instagram: @IlexEmily
Snapchat: emilymodestep

Thanks so much for watching!
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