New Phasmophobia Update: Is the Thermometer even stronger now?! - v0.25 Patch Notes

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Another new update for Phasmophobia! This time they buffed the Thermometer again and might have made it even stronger than it was before the original nerf. Let me know what you think about the update in the comments below! Much love and see you during the streams! :D

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Patch notes for #phasmophobia update :
1. Fixed a bug where the ghost would stop hunting if it couldn't reach you.
2. Fixed a bug where the ghost could see you in closets and lockers at some angles.

Experimental Changes
1. All rooms will now start with slightly different temperatures.
2. If the power is off, the temperature in every room will now slowly drop to 5C/41F.
3. If the power is on, the temperature in every room will slowly raise unless the ghost is in the room where it will still drop.
4. Professional Difficulty: Due to the power starting off, the room temperatures will start at 5C/41F.
5. The Thermometer refresh rate has been lowered to 2 seconds.

1. Added a server region prefix in front of the room invite code to help show what region you are in or trying to connect to.
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