Modern Warfare Season 7 Update Finally Coming! New Content, Warzone NUKE Event, New Map Tease + Soap

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Modern Warfare Season 7 Update Finally Coming! New Content, Warzone NUKE Event, New Map Teased, & Soap

Today, I have a video about rumoured upcoming content coming to the game, including Soap, new maps (such as Killhouse) and new weapons, dubbed unofficially by the community as "Season 7", even though it may not be officially called as such. The new content is labelled as Season 7 in the files though, but they probably won't call it that since the Battle Pass has now been integrated with Black Ops Cold War's seasons. Specifically, you can unlock three of the weapons to use in-game early, that being the CX-9, the SYKOV (Makarov Pistol) and the RAAL LMG. There is a New Warzone Map coming with a Nuke Event on the horizon, ENJOY! :D

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0:00 New Modern Warfare Content Coming FINALLY!
0:54 Change history with Call of War!
2:13 New Soap Operator Bundle
3:01 OG Soap Skin with MW3 Remastered this year?
4:18 New Sparks Operator Bundle
4:30 Four NEW Multiplayer Maps!
5:07 How to Unlock SYKOV Pistol EARLY
6:00 How to Unlock CX-9 SMG EARLY
6:20 How to Unlock RAAL LMG Early
6:51 When is this Modern Warfare Update Coming?
7:15 Zombies Boat Coming to Verdansk
9:31 New Warzone Zombies Event
10:41 Warzone Nuke Event Finally Happening!
11:44 New Warzone Map Finally Coming!
12:33 Why the update is coming then!
13:09 Will Verdansk go?
13:37 Soap coming on boat & Stitch responsible for Zombies?
14:21 Boat travelled in time?
14:48 New third-person Warzone Mode?
16:05 Kravchenko Responsible?
16:27 Rapping

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