Luminar AI Tutorial - How to Adjust Contrast, Tone and Sharpness [Day 2]


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In this 2nd day of our 5-day Luminar AI tutorial and photo editing challenge, I go over some of the Luminar AI new features and explain how to adjust contrast, tone control / sharpness and more, while I do post processing on two different photos. Join challenge ▶️

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This Luminar AI tutorial details my editing workflow for adjusting contrast using the Enhance AI panel and Professional panel.

You'll learn about the histogram, curves tool, clipping, saturation, contrast, tone control, how to fix color cast, dodging and burning, how to change the brush size / feather amount, how to add a vignette, and so much more. Learn Luminar AI and accelerate your Luminar AI editing skills over 5 days.

???? Luminar AI Tutorial Table of Contents:

0:00 Welcome and housekeeping
0:50 How to use Luminar AI as a Plugin for Lightroom or Photoshop
1:13 How to reduce contrast to retain details in highlights and shadows
2:05 How to use the History panel if you make a mistake
3:04 Using Enhance AI as a place to start editing
5:46 Editing Highlights and Shadows in the Light panel
9:25 Working with the Curves panel
11:09 Adjusting color in the Color panel
13:14 Toggling between Before and After versions of photo
13:24 Working with the Supercontrast panel
15:33 Masking to paint in adjustments to specific areas
18:09 Dodging and burning to darken or lighten part of your photo
22:09 Image 2 - Adding contrast to bring out detail
26:27 Adjusting the white balance
28:23 Using Structure AI (similar to clarity in Lightroom)
28:46 Copying a mask from one panel to another for quick editing
30:15 How to add a vignette AND position it. Can't do that in Lightroom

???? Luminar AI Editing Tools Explained in this tutorial

☑️ Enhance AI
☑️ Accent AI
☑️ Composition AI to crop and straighten your photo
☑️ Structure AI

This Luminar tutorial, along with all in the series, will help you learn Luminar AI in an easy and structured fashion.

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You can work along, get to know the software, and become more confident using it and see for yourself why with the artificial intelligence, I call this the easy photo editing software.

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