Jannie Pretend Play as Candy Maker at Candy Toy Store - Lollipop Play Doh Squishy Toys

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Jannie is pretend playing as a candy maker at her candy toy store making candies out of play doh and squishy toys! Jannie sells a bunch of special candy toys such as lollipops squishy, play doh candy, and more! Auntie wants a yummy lollipop toy, so Jannie makes it from scratch and puts it in the refrigerator toy toy freeze. Auntie buys all of her candy toys and as a gift Jannie gave her two giant lollipop swimming pool floaties. Uncle K arrives, but Jannie just closed the store. Jannie reopens her store and Uncle K helps her make a bunch of candy. They make candy out of play-doh and blow up a bunch of giant candy pool floaties!
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