GW2 | FULL WEAVER GUIDE | WvW-PvP-PvE | Sword + Staff | Basic + Advanced


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Guild Wars 2 - FULL WEAVER/ELEMENTALIST GUIDE | WvW-PvP-PvE | Sword + Staff | For Beginners & Advanced players | By Cellofrag
► Table of Contents + Builds :
About Weaver 1:15
Staff/Sword Analysis 4:00
About Sword 5:30
Sword Build (WvW-PvP) 6:35
Sword Skill Review 13:45
Sword Combo/Rotations 21:45
About Staff 27:30
Staff Build (WvW-PvE) 28:10
Staff Skill Review 32:35
Staff Combo/Rotations 38:35
Advanced Fight Tactics/Tips 40:30
► WvW Sword Build : +4C8RgFWAjIBcACAFJx8XF4eLHmLzA-j1SBQBA4ACMxTAwoUDQrq+sv9HIrSsso0oRKBxoyAN8gAgqeiAAHAn38g5nn1Xf91Xf9+e91Xf91Xf91Xf9SBs1MN-w
► WvW Staff Build : +4C8RgFCALoAEAGA3n6X9sWYS2BKBA-jlRBQB4RHxV2fU+tgHEAAugAJU9nGpEMAwBw5nHY+558zP/8zPvvP/8zP/8zP/8zPvUARM0C-w

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