Full Body Trolling in VRChat! #3 (No No Square Edition)

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Once again I'm trolling people in VRChat by doing random things IRL in order find out how well the Vive Trackers actually track!

If you haven't already make sure to view my channel for the other parts of this series along with more funny Virtual Reality content!

-Extended description for YT-

In this video I'm once again experimenting with my Valve Index and new Vive Trackers to see the limitations of the full body tracking in VRChat. I'm trolling people by doing things in real life and letting them experience the result from their point of view in VR. Some of the results are hilarious and result in some funny reactions. My Valve Index is still working fine even after some of the falls and the Vive Trackers performed better than expected so I am pleased. Skateboarding in VR, VR Backflip, VR Pole Dance. VRChat, VRChat Best Moments, VRChat Trolling, VRChat Funny. ChrisQuitsReality, Chris Quits Reality. No No Square Full Body Trolling in VrChat(Part 3).

Full Body Trolling in VRChat!(No No Square Edition)
Full Body Trolling in VRChat!(No No Square Edition)
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