Forward Assault Ver. 1.2015 Mod Menu APK | 40!! Features! | ESP | Aimbot | Change Weapon & Much More

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Game Name: Forward Assault
Game Version:
Needs OBB: Yes!
Needs Root: No :)
Credits To @Jasmur For RGB Changer

*MOD Features*

ESP Menu:
1.)ESP Toggle
2.)ESP Line
3.)ESP Box
4.)ESP Health(shows health)
5.)ESP Health v2(changes the color of lines and squares depending on the health of the enemy)
6.)ESP Info(Shows Distance To Enemy & Ammo In Magazine) *updated*

ESP Settings Menu:
7.)Set ESP Box Type
8.)Set ESP Box Color
9.)Set ESP Line Color
10.)Set ESP Distance Color
11.)Raibow Boxes
12.)Raibow Lines
13.)Raibow Info *updated*

Aimbot Menu:
14.)Aimbot Toggle *new*
15.)Select Aimbot Type:Defoult; If Shooting *new*
16.)Set Aimbot Distance(0-100) *new*

Player Menu:
17.)Fly Hack
18.)Speed Hack
19.)Fake Stats
20.)Movement & Firing Always Allowed
21.)Autocrouching(you automatically crouch when shooting)
22.)Wall Hack *new*
23.)Chams *new*
24.)Change Weapon

Visuals Menu:
25.)No Flash
26.)Keep Broadcast
27.)Radar Hack

Shooting Menu:
28.)Shoot Frag Grenade
29.)Shoot Smoke Grenade
30.)Shoot Flash Grenade
31.)Always Crosshair
32.)No Camera Shake

Messages Menu:
33.)Select Message From 1 To 8 To Send In Chat

Extras Menu:
34.)Set Best Or Random Gloves
35.)Set Spam Radio type *infected need fixing*
37.)Telekill *updated*
38.)Set Enemy Player Scale X,Y,Z(1-10) *new*

Position Menu:
39.)Above & Beyond
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