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The Free Fire India Championship 2021 Spring is here! ????

FFIC 2021 Spring is the biggest esports tournament for the region and is open to all players from India ???????? and Nepal ????????! ????

Teams in the FFIC 2021 Spring will be competing for the the title to be the best in the region and a lion's share of INR 75 Lakh prize pool. ????

It's the stage WHERE CHAMPIONS ARE MADE! ????

Get your squads ready because it's your time to shine now! ????

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FREE FIRE GAME UI'D:- 595532381

My name is Raj Thakor from Gujarat India

im not free fire PC Player Im Mobile player free fire

About of Raaj Gaming - This Channel Contant Only Letest Free Fire New Event - Free Fire New Updates & Unboxing in free fire rare Itms - Free Fire New Leaks & Updates - Free Fire Gameplay Like Born 2 Kill - Gyan Gaming - Lokesh Gamer - A_s Gaming ????

Free Fire Gameplay Like Total Gaming & Desi Gamers - Ajjubhai94 & Amitbhai

????Currently playing im
Device - REAL ME 7 8GB

DJ ALOK vs FREE DIAMONDS Best Clash Battle who will win Gameplay Garena Free Fire Live Streamer from India Killing Player with LOUD Volume Spy Like NOBRU Level Up to 74 Gameplay

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