[Eng Sub] Lollipop Love Story ep.1

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My Sweet Lollipop - Lollipop Love Story [eng sub.]

Synopsis : Lollipop Love Story

Two best friends "Gao", cool handsome young man, and "Moo", playful and cheerful young man who uses his status as Gao's friend to try to hit on the girls in his school. They are enjoying their last moments in the high school as they're leaving to the university but then they met a new girl who changes their lives, she's "Nabe" a foreign exchange student from Korea. She is going to be in Thailand for only a month but when Moo set his eyes on her, he felt in love with her immediately. For Gao his first appearance isn't that impressive and they can't communicate with one another; as communicating between them isn't that easy after all. She can't speak Thai, not even a single word! Gao and Moo also can't speak Korean as well! How can them both show their feelings toward her?

Get in touch with their hectic relationship in Lollipop Love Story

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PS: I am Thai, and my english isn't fluent so please don't be harsh on me! Also this is my first go at subbing so please give me loads of advice!!! =]]]
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