DIY Miniature House with bricks | Cardboard idea | Paper craft tutorial

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In this video I will show you how to make a beautiful cardboard house with my own hands. In this diy I will craft and decorate with using cardboard, paper and glue.
Hope you enjoy this idea!

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I made all the details of the house out of cardboard.
The dimensions of all the details indicated in the video.
I cut rectangular shapes from egg trays and pasted them on the walls of the future house.
So I imitated a brick wall.
I made the window frames and the door from thick (binding) cardboard 2 mm thick.
The edges of the cardboard parts of the roof and bottom of the house were sealed with paper towels and allowed to dry.
After which the entire surface was covered with spackling paste.
On the roof, until the spackling paste had dried, it was passed with a stick.
These uneven stripes in the future will resemble the texture of a tree.
Also entered with the bottom of the house.
After drying, spackling paste painted the house with acrylic paints.
And after drying the main paints, I applied a white paint on the entire surface to emphasize the details.
I did it with a dry brush.
The glass on the windows was made of thin plastic, which can be found in the packaging.
Additionally, the windows decorated with lace.

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