DIY Giant Lollipop! How to Make the Biggest Candy in the World!

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DIY Lollipop! In this DIY video I show how to make a DIY GIANT LOLLIPOP - the biggest candy in the world! DIY candy you cook at home is much more special than the store bought candy. Lollipops and hard candy are perfect DIY desserts for beginners, for kids and adults who love to eat sweet and I show you how to make a candy yourself. I think giant DIY's are so cool and fascinating to watch so I decided to not just make a regular DIY lollipop, but a giant lollipop!

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In this DIY candy tutorial I show you two different candy recipes for making lollipops and hard candy.

For the first recipe you need water, sugar and corn syrup. You can make as much or as little amount of lollipop mixture as you like. The important thing is that you use 1 part of water, parts corn syrup and parts of sugar. This means that if you are using cups, you will need 1 cup of water, cups corn syrup and cups of sugar. Other ingredients that you need besides that are food coloring and flavoring of your choice. I used strawberry extract for the flavor of my lollipop and it tastes delicious. Exactly like a store bought lollipop!

The other lollipop recipe doesn't include corn syrup, but only water sugar, food coloring and flavoring! These are all things that pretty much everyone already has at home.

A handy thing to have when making DIY hard candy or DIY lollipops is a candy thermometer. You need to make sure your candy mixture reaches 300 Fahrenheit when boiling. If this doesn't happen, your lollipops may stay soft and sticky. If you don't have the thermometer you can test if the lollipop is ready by dropping a bit of the mix into a glass of cold water, where it should form a hard, brittle thread that cracks. When the mixture is done it should also feel pretty thick.

To make small lollipop you ca use lollipop molds. Otherwise you can just lay some lollipop sticks onto the parchment paper and then pour a small amount of mixture over each of the sticks.

To make hard candy you can pour a larger amount of mixture on the parchment paper and then crush it into smaller pieces.

Homemade candy is so much fun to make, you can play with different colors, it tastes delicious and works as a gorgeous DIY gift. Hope you will give it a try and let me know if you want me to make more giant DIYs going forward!

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Disclaimer: This family friendly video is made for teenagers and adults. Tools used in the tutorials include hot glue, crafting knife and other objects, which are not suitable for people under 13 years old.
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