Cute SCP's That Are Actually Deadly... | [REDACTED] SCP Podcast Ep. #2

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Cory and K discuss some cute SCP's that are actually deadly. Today the following SCP's are discussed: SCP-1424 "Patches", SCP-023 "Black Shuck", SCP-053 "Young Girl", SCP-956 "The Child Breaker", SCP-1111 "The White Dog". Additionally, some cute but not deadly SCP's are mentioned in this episode including: SCP-1192 "Timmy", SCP-999 "The Tickle Monster", SCP-1762 "Where the Dragons Went", SCP-131 "The 'Eye Pods'", SCP-1545 "Larry the Loving Llama" and more!

► SCPs Mentioned in Today's Podcast
1:02 SCP-1424 Patches

4:02 SCP-023 Black Shuck

6:18 SCP-1111 The White Dog

7:48 SCP-999 The Tickle Monster

11:49 SCP-956 Child Breaker

16:06 SCP-1048 Builder Bear

24:17 SCP-953 Polymorphic Humanoid

27:30 SCP-1316 Lucy The Kitten

30:15 SCP-247 Harmless Cat

32:04 SCP-529 Josie The Half Cat

33:33 SCP-053 The Young Girl

39:34 SCP-1192 "Timmy"

44:30 SCP-1545 Larry the Loving Llama

46:30 SCP-131 The Eye Pods

SCP-1507 Pink Flamingos

SCP-4966 Tubbioca: Devourer of Souls, Consumer of Secrets, Lord of Munchies

54:08 SCP-1762 Here Be Dragons

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