Best of Trolling BadBoyHalo 2020

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Skeppy loves BadBoyHalo very much and is very thankful for him.
BadBoyHalo is the best, that is all.

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Today we take a look at some of me and BadBoyHalo’s greatest moments :’) I’ve been best friends with Bad for over TWO YEARS and we’ve made over 250+ videos together and I could’ve never imagined where we would be today. Come with me as we go down memory lane with hits like trolling Bad on stream (and in general), Minecraft challenges, McDonalds CHEESY FRIES, the birth of BALDBOYHALO, me SIMPING and giving Bad all my money LMAO and much, MUCH more. Bad, you have been with me through it all, and this video is just a small way of showing you how much you mean to me. This video took a ton of time and work to put together so if you could please hit this with a like that that would be GREATLY appreciated :D Stay tuned for a surprise at the end of the video, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. I just really appreciate you, Bad.
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