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I wrote an amazing description and then inadvertently deleted it due to some annoying wotnottery. Did you know, that the tongue is the only muscle not to tire? I know, I know. It isn't quite an hour as I had promised but it's a good second and there's a whole lot of mouth to go round. Take your pick from ear eating, lollipop licking, kisses, finger licking and lens I miss anything? Oh yes, it got a bit messy in places but I'm sure you'll survive the trauma. Tell me what your favourite bit was and if you'd like me to do an entire video of it and I'll be sure to delight with the most popular. There are fancy mics and lo-fi loveliness, depending on your particular taste. And of course, there's my signature lounging on the floor because that's where I wanted to be but maybe next time, I'll do something different.

Now you're wondering what amazing description I can delight you with? So am I. I'm all out of jam and innuendo but I do have some amazing new socks and some latex lips. And yes, you're going to be witness to those little beauties very soon.

Everyone is welcome is a place, free from judgement and full of love and happiness. Stay a moment or for long enough to fall asleep but do not steal my jam sandwiches. Ask nicely and eat the crusts.

Thank you to those of you who have been immensely supportive and encouraging. Wherever you are, may your day be filled with peace and joy and maybe a jam sandwich or three.



As well as the stuff below, I am always coming up with nonsensical ideas and many of them never come to fruition but I take each day as it comes and am blessed if I wake up to see another sunrise.

1. There will be some yoga, possibly several people asked for it to be so.
2. The bedroom saga will be continued, complete with tapping, scratching and a whole heap of whispers.
3. After Possibly some leggings scratching and a sweet shirt creation.
4. More hiking?
5. How do you fancy some more feet? Pantyhose scratching?

I don't ask for donations or tips, just respect and kindness; they both cost nothing.



me, yoga, photography

me, my and photography

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