528 Hz ✦ Positive Energy Frequency ✦ Happiness Vibes [ FEEL GOOD ] Emotional & Physical Healing

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528 Hz Healing Frequency Benefits:

✓ Reduces Stress and cortisol in our body.
✓ Heals the Solar plexus chakra
✓ Can be used for manifesting thoughts into reality.
✓ Emotional stability & physical rejuvenation
✓ Aura Cleansing
✓ Said to promote DNA repair and transformation
✓ Spiritual connection & well-being

Our attitude in life alters the state of frequency vibration that our body resonates at, this state of being is what will attract good or bad into our lives. When we master our minds, we master our lives.

Everything is interconnected, healing our mind also heals our body. To manifest anything positive or negative, we need to put ourselves into an emotional state, negative emotions and positive emotions both attract experiences into our lives, so if your desire is to become a better version of yourself and if you are feeling negative while thinking about it, you will certainly move away from it and in the direction your emotions are guiding you. When feeling positive about something, we unconsciously move toward the direction of our emotions.

To manifest positivity into our lives we need to break the mental cycle that keeps us locked in the same old thought and behavioral patterns. There are countless ways to raise your vibration. One way is to listen to music designed to cleanse, heal and rejuvenate. Affirmations, physical work outs, having fun. These are just a few ways to raise vibration

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The eye-opening powers of healing and spiritual practices like meditation are undeniable. The proof is everywhere. Meditation can change your life and your perception of reality. You can literally harness power from within and destroy self-limiting beliefs that hold you back from living fully. You can craft your character with inner strength and courage through meditation.


You have the ability to bend reality. You are a creator, you can manifest the reality you want to live with an abundance mindset.
This channel was created to inspire more people to go within themselves and craft their own character through meditation, self-healing and personal growth. Wecome to our online community.
In general we really just want to spread some positive energy and help our people let go of all their baggage and suffering, take some time to relax, heal and grow. We know life can be tough and sometimes we just need a little boost to get going.
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- The Awakening Planet
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