3 Upcoming New 1.2 Events & EXACT Dates! EPIC Genshin Cosplay Movie! | Genshin Impact

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In This Daily Genshin Impact News Digest:
1. New Event Dates & Details
Estimated Date For Patch
2. Epic Genshin Cosplay Movie!
3. New Official Forum Features & Uses
4. Amazing Domain Tricks!
5. Max Resin Cap?!
6. Lovely Hu Tao Artwork

Thanks & Credits To (u/receptiveblocks, Gareth, Light Refraction, u/Throwaway97012, u/x4loviGaming, u/Pellat)

Reddit New Event Dates Post:

Live Official Stream For Event Details:
Genshin Animated News Video:
Epic Cosplayer Movei For Genshin Impact!
ALL 1558+ CHESTS Routes & Locations!
Reddit Domain Guide Clip:
Reddit Resin Cap Post:

Reddit Hu Tao Fan Art:

NEW ★★★★★ Hu Tao 'Sneak Peek'! Estimate Date & Skills!

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Time Stamp:
0:00 Intro
0:13 News Overview
1:42 New Event Dates & Details
5:11 Estimated Date For Patch
5:37 Epic Genshin Cosplay Movie!
8:00 New Official Fourm Features & Uses
9:24 Amazing Domain Tricks!
10:51 Max Resin Cap?!
11:41 Lovely Hu Tao Artwork
12:59 Who Are You Saving For? Xiao OR Hu Tao?

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